8×10 Calendar

Day Date Artists Doors
Wed 20-Mar Pigeons Residency – Consider the Source -Harmonic Blue 8:00pm
Thu 21-Mar New Riders of the Purple Sage – Keith Kenny – ScareKrow & De Lacey 8:00pm
Fri 22-Mar Road to Graceland – Paul Simon Tribute – Tim Nodar 8:00pm
Sat 23-Mar “Aces High – Melanie Synn w/ Lael and Harnios -
Nick Swann, JRO Cloudz and OZ – Damond Blue”
Sun 24-Mar
Mon 25-Mar
Tue 26-Mar
Wed 27-Mar Pigeons Residency – Turkuaz – Shook 8:00pm
Thu 28-Mar Passafire – Among Criminals 8:00pm
Fri 29-Mar Cris Jacobs Band – Garrett Anderson 8:00pm
Sat 30-Mar All Mighty Senators – The Bellevederes 8:00pm
Sun 31-Mar
Mon 1-Apr
Tue 2-Apr
Wed 3-Apr
Thu 4-Apr Dopapod – Segway 8:00pm
Fri 5-Apr Appalachian Jamwich 1 Year Anniversary Party w/ Kings of Belmont – Moogatu – Sol Frequency 8:00pm
Sat 6-Apr Fooled Again – 3 Fifths 8:00pm
Sun 7-Apr Bridging The Music Finals 2:00pm
Mon 8-Apr
Tue 9-Apr
Wed 10-Apr
Thu 11-Apr DELTAnine CD Release – Segway -The Deems 8:00pm
Fri 12-Apr Camp Barefoot Pre- Party w/ Cris Jacobs Band – Tiny Boxes – Freedom Enterprise 8:00pm
Sat 13-Apr Dirty Bourbon River Show-Brooks Long – Superland 8:00pm
Sun 14-Apr New Orleans Siuspects 7:00pm
Mon 15-Apr
Tue 16-Apr Bridging the Music 6:30pm
Wed 17-Apr Snarky Puppy -Hildegunn Gjedrem 8:00pm
Thu 18-Apr Segway – Former Champions 8:00pm
Fri 19-Apr
Sat 20-Apr Splintered Sunlight 8:00pm
Sun 21-Apr
Mon 22-Apr
Tue 23-Apr ALO & The Ryan Montbleau Band 7:00pm
Wed 24-Apr
Thu 25-Apr DELTAnine - 8:00pm
Fri 26-Apr Getamungstit – Hangdog – The Rad Trads 7:00pm
Sat 27-Apr The Werks – Second Self 8:00pm
Sun 28-Apr
Mon 29-Apr
Tue 30-Apr Bridging the Music 6:30pm
Wed 1-May
Thu 2-May
Fri 3-May Old Man Brown – Speakers of the House 8:00pm
Sat 4-May
Sun 5-May
Mon 6-May
Tue 7-May
Wed 8-May
Thu 9-May
Fri 10-May Jah Works 20th Year Celebration – Can’t Hang – DJ Selah 8:00pm
Sat 11-May Cara Kelly & the Tell Tale CD Release -Nelly’s Echo 8:00pm
Sun 12-May
Mon 13-May
Tue 14-May
Wed 15-May
Thu 16-May Honey Island Swamp Band – Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes
Fri 17-May Marco Benevento – Jocie Adam & Arc Iris 8:00pm
Sat 18-May Railaway: The Last Stop 7:30pm
Sun 19-May
Mon 20-May
Tue 21-May Melissa Ferrick 7:00pm
Wed 22-May
Thu 23-May
Fri 24-May
Sat 25-May
Sun 26-May
Mon 27-May
Tue 28-May
Wed 29-May
Thu 30-May A Tribe Called Red 8:00pm
Fri 31-May
Sat 1-Jun
Sun 2-Jun
Mon 3-Jun
Tue 4-Jun
Wed 5-Jun
Thu 6-Jun
Fri 7-Jun
Sat 8-Jun Telesma- Consider the Source -Groovananda 8:00pm